Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Company Limited (New IPO)

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We are an integrated natural rubber business involved in the entire natural rubber supply chain of

planting, procurement, processing and sales and distribution. We carry out our natural rubber supply

chain operations on a multi-national platform in Thailand, Indonesia, the PRC, the United States and

Singapore and we sell Natural Rubber Products, comprising RSS, TSR and Concentrated Latex, to

customers globally. Our operations span the ownership and management of rubber plantations in

Thailand, our raw material procurement centres and rubber processing facilities in Thailand and

Indonesia, our global sales and distribution operations which are managed out of Singapore, a global

purchasing hub for key users of natural rubber, as well as distribution and warehousing facilities in the

PRC which were set up to cater to the growing PRC market.


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Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Company Limited (New IPO)


STI Daily & Hour Charts Charts

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STI Daily

STI still doing fine above 14-days EMA line at the moment. Rotational play and buying interest continues to take place among small caps and a few mid caps. Stock and sector selection becomes more important in this 2nd half of bull market…

STI Hourly

However, hourly STI had slipped back inside the hourly Bollinger Bands now. Luckily its still above the important horizontal support level of 3217. Two hourly midas lines are also converging at 3210, so 3210~3217 forms a very strong support zone for STI. As long as STI can continue to close above 3217, the chance of reaching new high within the next one mth will remain high.

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Daily Brokers Buy/Sell Calls

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Ezra Holdings CIMB maintains Outperform with target price of S$3.00.
Ezra Holdings Deutsche maintains Hold with target price of S$1.90.
Ezra Holdings OCBC maintains Buy with target price of S$2.20 (previously S$2.27).
Ezra Holdings RBS maintains Buy with target price of S$2.20.

Neptune Orient Cut To Hold Vs Buy By UOBKayHian

City Developments Nomura maintains Neutral with target price of S$13.32 (previously S$13.00).

Sino Grandness DMG maintains Buy with target price of S$0.68 (previously S$0.56).

Hyflux OCBC maintains Buy with target price of S$2.70 (previously S$2.44).

Ascendas REIT Daiwa maintains Outperform with target price of S$2.50.

Thanks to Amator for updating te buy/sell calls

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Malaysia Smelting Corporation Berhad (New IPO)

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Malaysia Smelting Corporation Berhad IPO

Who we are???
We believe we are one of the world’s leading integrated producers of refined tin metal and aim to establish a mining and smelting operation focused on sustainable growth in tin production and throughput capacity over the long-term. According to ITRI, we were the third largest supplier of tin metal globally in 2009, producing approximately 43,900 tonnes of refined tin metal in 2009. For 9M2010, our Group produced 34,500 tonnes of refined tin metal.

We are a subsidiary of The Straits Trading Company Limited (“STC”), a diversified resources, property development and hospitality company which is listed on the SGX-ST.

Our Shares have been listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia since 15 December 1994, where they are traded in Malaysian Ringgit. As at the Latest Practicable Date, our Company has a market capitalisation of approximately RM360.0 million (or S$150.7 million based on an exchange of RM1.00 = S$0.4186) based on the closing price per Share on the Bursa Malaysia on 17 December 2010.

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SEF Group Ltd (New IPO)

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SEF Group Ltd New IPO

another new IPO coming soon

SEF Group Ltd New IPO

Companies within the Group
“Company” : SEF Group Ltd.
“SEF Construction” : SEF Construction Pte Ltd (formerly known as Southeast Finework Pte Ltd)
“SEF International Development” : SEF International Development Pte. Ltd.
“SEF Interiors” : SEF Interiors (S) Pte Ltd (formerly known as Ingrade Projects Pte. Ltd.)
“SEFI” : S.E.F UAE Interiors (L.L.C)
“SEFCC” : SEF Capital & Consultancy Ltd
“Solar Engineering” : Solar Engineering Facilities Pte. Ltd.

check the latest update on this new ipo at

UE E&C Ltd New IPO

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E E&C Ltd New IPO

“Anhui Anxin” : Anhui Anxin Energy Co., Ltd.
“Company” : UE E&C Ltd.
“GE Construction” : GE Construction Sdn. Bhd.
“Greatearth Construction” : Greatearth Construction Pte Ltd
“Greatearth Corporation” : Greatearth Corporation Pte. Ltd.
“Greatearth Developments” : Greatearth Developments Pte Ltd
“Greatearth Holding” : Greatearth Holding Pte Ltd
“Maxdin” : Maxdin Pte Ltd
“MaxLee Development” : MaxLee Development Pte. Ltd.
“Subsidiaries” : Subsidiaries of our Company
“UE Brunei” : United Engineers (B) Sdn Bhd
“UE-IBP” : UE-IBP Building Materials Pte. Ltd.
“UES” : United Engineers (Singapore) Private Limited
(Registration Number: 201025531D)
“UE-Tradetec” : UE-Tradetec (Singapore) Pte Ltd
“UE Vietnam” : United Engineers (Vietnam) Limited
“Winpride Investment” : Winpride Investment Pte. Ltd.