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Principal Business
The Group is a multi-disciplinary specialist provider of detailed engineering, procurement and construction services to the offshore oil and gas, marine construction and other industries.

Its principal business activities are the fabrication and assembly of topside modules for FPSOs and FSOs in Singapore. From time to time, the Group may also undertake ad hoc general engineering and fabrication projects for specialised structures for semi-submersibles and sub-sea products.

Main Markets
The Group’s customers are located mainly in Asia Pacific, Europe and USA and include major engineering companies, owners and/or operators of FPSOs, FSOs and semi-submersibles which serve the oil and gas companies.



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Our Company was incorporated in Singapore on 30 September 2010 under the Companies Act as a private company limited by shares under the name of “Chew’s Group Private Limited”. On 25 January 2011, our Company changed its name to “Chew’s Group Limited” in connection with its conversion into a public company limited by shares.

The beginning of our Group’s history can be traced back to 1975 when Chew’s Poultry Farm Brother Company was established, operating a breeder farm selling day-old chicks to broiler and layer farms in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. In 1987, having identified the potential for growth in the poultry farming industry, Chew’s Agriculture Pte Ltd (“CAPL”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of our Company, was established. Over a period of five (5) years, CAPL gradually switched its focus to layer farming for higher profits, and took over the farming and distribution of eggs from Chew’s Poultry Farm Brother Company.

We are currently one of the leading producers of fresh eggs in Singapore, specialising in the production and sale of designer eggs, which contain specific value-added nutrients. We are also engaged in the production and sale of liquid eggs as well as the trading of spent grains. Over the years, we have built a strong presence and brand-name in developing high quality, wholesome and safe eggs for consumers in Singapore.

Our Group’s business can be categorised into three (3) main segments as follows: