UE E&C Ltd New IPO

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E E&C Ltd New IPO


“Anhui Anxin” : Anhui Anxin Energy Co., Ltd.
“Company” : UE E&C Ltd.
“GE Construction” : GE Construction Sdn. Bhd.
“Greatearth Construction” : Greatearth Construction Pte Ltd
“Greatearth Corporation” : Greatearth Corporation Pte. Ltd.
“Greatearth Developments” : Greatearth Developments Pte Ltd
“Greatearth Holding” : Greatearth Holding Pte Ltd
“Maxdin” : Maxdin Pte Ltd
“MaxLee Development” : MaxLee Development Pte. Ltd.
“Subsidiaries” : Subsidiaries of our Company
“UE Brunei” : United Engineers (B) Sdn Bhd
“UE-IBP” : UE-IBP Building Materials Pte. Ltd.
“UES” : United Engineers (Singapore) Private Limited
(Registration Number: 201025531D)
“UE-Tradetec” : UE-Tradetec (Singapore) Pte Ltd
“UE Vietnam” : United Engineers (Vietnam) Limited
“Winpride Investment” : Winpride Investment Pte. Ltd.

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